Find the yoga and breathing practice that’s right for you, whether you’re interested in healthy aging, better breathing, or creating a sustainable self care routine. 🌳Outdoor Yoga👉🏼HERE.

Join the six-week Zoom series of your choice, or drop in to one Zoom class.

CHAIR YOGA Starts 9/15. Tuesdays at 11am with Ann. Explore gentle movements, calming breathing practices, and relaxation designed to develop and maintain the skills needed to stay active as we age. MORE

GENTLE YOGA Starts 9/17. Thursdays at 10am with Ann. Enjoy a gentle yoga practice for body and mind designed to develop and maintain the flexibility, strength, focus, balance, and agility needed to stay active as we age. MORE

BETTER BREATHING Starts 9/18. Free Fridays at 12pm with Ann and Brian. In this fun, informal series, we explore how our posture and gentle stretches can support better breathing as well as how we can build greater everyday awareness of our breath. No class 9/25.  MORE

MENS YOGA Starts 9/20. Sundays at 10am with Brian. Build core strength and restore mobility in the shoulders, back and hips, in a relaxed informal environment. Join the judgment-free zone! MORE


Looking for a private yoga instructor for one on one sessions, in person or on Zoom? If you’re interested in getting the process started, fill out an intake form. The form allows me to get to know you a little bit better and might also help you solidify your goals. We can then set up your free 30-minute yoga wellness consultation!

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