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YOGA FOR PEOPLE OF ALL AGES:  Improve your physical and emotional well-being with this mind-body exercise safe for all ages and mobility levels.


WORKPLACE WELLNESS:  Learn simple techniques for safety, breath awareness, posture, and work-life balance to improve focus and reduce stress so that you can perform your role with efficiency and mindfulness.


MINDFULNESS FOR TEACHERS AND CAREGIVERS: Bring stress management tools like mindful meditation and movement to caregivers to engender their own well-being.posture_meditation

PRIVATE SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS:  Start a mindfulness or yoga practice in your own home or in our studio in Philadelphia.  Bring the principles of posture, breath, and balance to your colleagues, friends or loved ones in a longer workshop format.







Learn more about the foundations and principles behind wellness.

Breath:  Focused breath exercises can help reduce stress.

Posture:  Correct posture is essential to health and well-being.

Balance:  Balance can be improved through exercise and awareness of everyday routines.