Breath Tune-Up

  • Rediscover the healing power of the breath
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Enhance attention and improve your mood
  • Free 30 minute class!
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Zoom with Brian, Wednesdays at 12pm

Brian is now offering a mid-week 30-minute “breath tune-up” every Wednesday at noon. Each session will include exercises targeting breath and body awareness, basic breath control and integration of the focused breath into everyday movements. Special emphasis will be placed on visualization techniques to make the whole process fun and engaging. No prior experience is required; just bring an open mind and desire to unwind and relax.

The great 20th century artist Marcel Duchamp was once asked in an interview how he spent his time after he stopped making art. He responded, “Oh, I’m a breather, I’m a respirateur, isn’t that enough?”

We couldn’t agree more with Marcel and believe that the study of the breath is an ever-evolving, life-long project. Although we try to focus on our breath through movement sequences on the yoga mat, it is also there for us to hit the pause button when things move too quickly off the mat.

In the course of his doctoral research on emotion regulation, Brian was reminded of just how closely linked the breath is to our physical, mental and emotional health. A number of randomized peer-reviewed studies have shown that focused breathing can reduce stress and anxiety, enhance attention and improve our mood. What is so encouraging about these findings is that most of us can start to feel these results after only a few sessions of focused breath-work.    


Brian Jeans is a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200) and learning psychologist (PhD, Educational Psychology) with a passion for  connecting mind, heart and body to regulate emotion, reduce stress and build safe inclusive learning spaces. He is also a Philly Reading Coach, helping kids in underserved communities build literacy and social emotional skills. He has been teaching yoga and meditation in corporate, educational and healthcare settings throughout the Philadelphia area for over five years. He can be reached directly at

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