How to Zoom

We are excited to share our new space and begin practicing with you! We have developed the guidelines below to help make your transition into the space as smooth as possible. Here’s a handy guide you can print out if need be.

Logon Early: We will “open the doors” 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of each class so you can transition and work through any technical challenges. If you are relatively new to Zoom, follow the step-by-step guide below and know that we will be there to assist you if needed.

Establish a Comfortable Practice Space: Create a comfortable, quiet space for your practice, with plenty of room to move. Establish some distance, if possible, from high traffic zones and place your phone in vibrate mode. Close/minimize other applications running on your computer.

Understand the Class Communication Format:  In order to provide the best class experience, all lines will be muted except during open discussion segments. If the matter is urgent, please send a message through the chat box and one of us will try to respond as soon as possible.

Install Zoom on your device PRIOR to attending your first class. The Zoom User Guide below walks you through the process, step-by-step. This app provides features missing from the web-based client, which are central to building out our online community, i.e. gallery view.

Space Preparation:

  • Devices: Ensure your device (laptop/desktop/TV/iPad) has a reliable Internet connection (wired is preferred) and is positioned so that you can easily see, and be seen, by the instructor. It is important to provide clear, well-lit video of your space (if you decide to share your video).
  • Device Placement: Set your laptop either lower to the floor and angle upward, or above and angle downward. If it’s far enough away, head-on is fine, but the closer it is to you, either angling up or down will provide a better view for the instructor.
  • Mat / Chair Placement: Set your mat at a slight angle in front of your device so the instructor has multiple viewing angles to provide the best possible instruction. Try to fit as much of yourself in the frame while both standing and lying down entirely on the mat. If using a chair, do your best to fit your whole body into the frame.
  • Lighting: Try to illuminate yourself from the front and/or sides to provide the most even coverage. Try to avoid lighting from behind which can create a silhouette effect, making it difficult for the instructor to provide optimal alignment cues.


  • Can I turn off the video I am sharing with the class? Students have the choice to just observe, without sharing video, by selecting the Stop Video icon in the lower left part of the screen. You will still be able to ask questions and interact through the audio channel.
  • Can I adjust the view to just see the instructor and not the entire class? Select the “Active Speaker” view or click on the image of the instructor and select “Pin Video.”
  • What if I can’t resolve a technical issue? We appreciate your patience as we together adapt to this new learning environment. As we cannot stop the class to resolve most issues, you can send a message via chat and we will try to assist you during a break in the action.  If the issue prevents your participation, send us an email at and we can discuss remedies.

*** Before your first Team Sun Wellness class, join a Zoom test meeting. Follow the instructions fortesting your audio/video:  ***

Section I: Signing Up for Your Class – Applies to all Students

Step 1.

Select the class you would like to attend from our website listing (free class pictured here, but check out all our Classes to sign up)

Enter your name email address

Submit your RSVP

Step 2.

Confirm that you have received an email with the link to the Zoom class.

Click on this link 15-minutes prior to the start time

Section II: Installing Zoom (If you already have Zoom installed, skip to Section III)


Download the latest version of Zoom here:

Download instructions

Click Continue at each prompt to proceed with the default installation.

Note: minor differences may exist across OS platforms

Download/Installation Issues

If you encounter issues, you can access the class directly through your web browser after clicking on the email class link and then launch meeting and join from your browser.

Section III: Joining the Zoom Class (Applies to all Users)

Step 1.

Click on the Zoom class link in your email invite. If you have Zoom installed, you will be taken directly to the virtual studio. Click launch meeting if you experience a delay.

Email Link Issues:

If the meeting link does not work, go to and enter the Meeting ID provided in the email

Step 2.

Upon entering the studio, first select Join Audio in the lower left, then Join Audio by Computer.

Allow Zoom to use the computer’s microphone

Select Start Video and Allow Zoom to access the computer’s camera.

Step 3.

Adjust the View in the upper right part of the screen to switch between Gallery, which displays all participants and Speaker, which displays the active speaker.

Click on the teacher and Select Pin to maximize his/her display at all times.

It’s all super easy and we are here to help you anytime! If you want to set up a test Zoom call, we’d be happy to say a quick hello sometime.

Email to set up a test Zoom!

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