Our Students

We feel really strongly that yoga is for everybody, and yet the images of people doing yoga don’t tend to represent our own bodies or those we teach. So we decided to start a new blog series highlighting our own students, in an effort to shine light on regular people doing yoga and what that might look like. Plus, we wanted to learn more about our wonderful students outside of the classroom!

Carol is a 68-year old consistent yoga practitioner who loves yoga because: “Compared to most other exercises, yoga is the best for allowing you to move at your own pace and accepting your limitations. It gives the best benefits without stressing joints and muscles. And it helps with self acceptance.”

Ben, 77, enjoys regular time on the bike and tennis court and believes yoga facilitates his active lifestyle. He offers this advice to students just starting their journeys on the yoga path, “You would be surprised at how beneficial practice can be if you give it a chance and stick with it.”

Judy, 71, enjoys less arthritis pain, stronger bones, and feels more centered in her daily life thanks to yoga. “Yoga is my gateway to understanding the value of being present in my life, and a manageable way to maintain my body’s ability to move as I age. Besides, I have found that interesting people practice yoga!”

EVAN, 38, was one of the first curious souls to join Brian’s Men’s Yoga class. He brings a sense of fearlessness to his practice, constantly setting new goals for himself and exploring ways to integrate yoga and mindfulness into his everyday activities at work, home and everywhere in between.

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