Senior Community Yoga

Our Mission

At the heart of our senior community classes is a focus on improving balance, posture and overall well-being through safe, gentle movement and mindful breathing.

Independent Living

We understand the importance of balance and mobility in maintaining an independent lifestyle. Our classes for independent living communities emphasize staying safe in our everyday routines…getting in and out of the chair, reaching up or down, or stepping out for a walk.

Personal Care – Health Care

In more personalized health care environments, we focus on gentle movement and breathwork designed to increase circulation, maintain range of movement and improve mental focus.

Yoga helps us continue doing what we love doing. In all of our offerings, we foster a safe, inclusive space where we acknowledge every student’s unique history and limitations. We encourage an approach to yoga as a self-care tool that can help us feel comfortable in our bodies and continue doing all the things we love doing. Download the student handouts below to learn more about how yoga can improve our balance, breath and balance.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

We have been teaching yoga and meditation in Philadelphia area senior communities for over five years. We love what we do and are grateful for the opportunity to share the gift of yoga where it can really make a difference.

“Brian and Ann have taught yoga to our independent living and personal care residents at Paul’s Run starting in 2016. Their students represent a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities and they both display sensitivity and warmth in understanding the unique needs of everyone in the class. I highly recommend their classes as part of an overall health and wellness program in independent and assisted living communities.”

Erin Samsel, Director of Community Life, Paul’s Run Retirement Community, Philadelphia, PA

“Team Sun Wellness does a great job communicating to our residents the benefits of yoga and mindfulness, while cultivating a fun, safe and inclusive learning environment. The focus is on healthy breathing, posture and simple movements to help with mobility, balance and stress, which are all very important to our overall quality of life.”

Heather Fili, Life Enrichment Director, Plush Mills, Wallingford, PA

Take a Look for Yourself – Explore the videos below to learn more about our offerings.

Chair Yoga Express A thirty-minute class that focuses on improving balance, flexibility and mindful breathing.

Chair Sun Salutations A two minute sequence that combines breath with movement to get the blood and lymph moving.

Everyday Yoga: Getting In and Out of the Chair – A short video that focuses on the proper posture and positioning for safely transitioning from sitting to standing.

Let us how we can partner with you on your community’s health and wellness journey.

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