Yoga Foundations

Yoga Foundations


Zoom with Brian * Thursdays at 6:30pm + Sundays at 10am

Thursdays at 6:30pm and Sundays at 10am with Brian: This class was designed for those of us who need to restore our range of movement in our shoulders, back and hips, particularly when we find ourselves seated in front of a screen for hours each day.

The trick is that it takes strength to build flexibility….to hold ourselves in even the most basic yoga posture. So, in this 60-minute class, we focus first on first building our core strength, then on rediscovering the mobility we always just assumed we lost decades ago. 

This is a judgment-free zone…we work with what we have, following our breath and finding “that ease within the exertion.”

Let’s work together so we can stay safe and get the most out of whatever it is we love doing…or maybe even not love so much.

  • $75 for 6 classes, drop in $15

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Brian Jeans is a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200) and learning psychologist (PhD, Educational Psychology) with a passion for  connecting mind, heart and body to regulate emotion, reduce stress and build safe inclusive learning spaces. He is also a Philly Reading Coach and Neighborhood Reading Captain, helping kids in underserved communities build literacy and social emotional skills. He has been teaching yoga and meditation in corporate, educational and healthcare settings throughout the Philadelphia area for over five years. He can be reached directly at

When we do even 1% of a pose 100% correctly, we get 100% of the benefit.

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